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From your pick of venues and dates to significant discounts and extra perks, a weekday wedding can offer lots of benefits for couples. That said, it’s important to keep a few things in mind when setting a weekday wedding, including giving your guests plenty of notice (send out those save-the-date cards ASAP!), choosing an earlier time in case people have to work the next day, and being mindful of things like transportation and travel time.


First and foremost, a weekday wedding can be an excellent way to save money. Saturdays during peak wedding seasons have high guest minimums and command high prices. Maybe you are dreaming of a gorgeous fall wedding but can’t come close to meeting those guest counts. A weekday might be for you. In addition, top-tier vendors may be all booked up on a weekend or set high prices on premium days; however, on a Monday or Tuesday, they might be looking to add extra business or offer a discount. This opens the door to negotiating better prices and options for you.

Timing Is Everything

Every day of the week offers pros and cons, and you want to be as considerate of people’s work schedules as possible. If you pick a Monday, choose an earlier timeframe, so guests can work the next day. Consider planning activities the weekend before, so the wedding festivities can turn into a long weekend celebration. In a similar vein, if you choose a Thursday, make it a later event, so local guests can use the day to work, then have time to get ready and deal with any traffic. People from out of town can use the day for travel. Again, consider setting up activities for the Friday and Saturday after, so it can turn into a mini-vacation. For midweek, it’s also best to choose a later timeframe so guests can be sure to arrive in time.

Use the Holidays

While you have to be mindful of booking holiday weddings, they can also be used to great advantage. Many people already will have the time off, so they don’t have to use precious vacation days. Many holidays have built-in pre-vacation days, like the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Some holidays, like Columbus Day or Presidents’ Day, aren’t necessarily days that people have scheduled big celebrations, so a wedding might be the perfect fit. Couples do need to keep in mind that there might be extra fees for having a wedding on a holiday and it’s really best to stay away from having your wedding on a religious holiday, since that’s sure to be a conflict with many guests.

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