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One of the trends we predict will be strong throughout 2021 is vintage everything. It’s versatile because it covers furnishings, lights, tablescapes, decorations, signs and even arches, plus the array of colors and textures gives it mass appeal.

We caught up with one of our preferred vendors, Dina Hoskinson, owner at Lilac & Lace Co., to learn more about why vintage continues to trend, why decor matters, and the importance of the personal touch.

Tell us about why your core value, “be joyful, serve others,” continues to mean more than ever to couples.

When I started Lilac & Lace Co. in 2017, I wanted to be the breath of fresh air for couples who were planning their weddings — and maybe were a bit overwhelmed. I’m someone who naturally likes tohelp others

, and I do so as joyfully as possible. For example, when the Lilac & Lace Co. team arrives at a wedding we don’t just drop off our rentals and leave. Rather, if help is needed because the ceremony is getting close to starting, we jump into action. My driver has set up chairs for the ceremony, and my team has sat down and folded napkins because we weren’t sure there was enough time left to get it done. Whatever it takes!

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How has your core value helped you and your couples navigate in pandemic times?

My heart went out — and continues to go out — to all the couples who had to figure out their weddings amid COVID-19. In 2020, some had just a day’s notice! I had oneBarn on Bridge bride who had a March 2020 date and she ended up moving her wedding 3 or 4 times. I could hear how tired she was, and I just wanted to be kind and accommodating. When the pandemic took hold, I decided that I would be as flexible as I could possibly be, and I let my clients know that. It was gratifying to hear the relief in their voices. 

Vintage is trending big – what makes it so special? 

There’s something warm and comforting about vintage, since each piece has a story to tell. Most of my pieces are early 1900s, and that’s a very romantic time period. Unlike the clean and sometimes stark lines of modern decor (which I also love!), vintage pieces are curvy and soft. Some venues, suchPhilander Chase Knox Estate, just naturally lend themselves to that period of furniture. I recently added a few modern pieces to my inventory, and they just don’t come close to renting as much as vintage.

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What’s going to be the most popular vintage item in 2021?

Lounges – almost every delivery I do includes a lounge! I like that the couple can make the lounge their own and customize it with pillows to match their wedding colors, coffee and end tables, rugs, lanterns — there are so many options. It’s a thoughtful touch to put a lounge out where guests can have conversations away from the dance floor, to use at a photo booth, or for the grandparents to relax. And the same lounge can do double-duty for the bridal party pictures!

What do you see as other top decor touches?

Flowers – which I don’t supply, but, along with theRobert Ryan Catering & Design team can recommend! Also, look for lots of candles. It is unbelievable to me how adding flowers and candles can make anything prettier. I’ve seen flowers and candles placed on cement blocks and tree trunks and suddenly they look beautiful. I have many candleoptions, including votives, glass cylinders with candles, brass candlesticks and all sorts of lanterns. 

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Why did you decide to offer packages?

After doing a la carte for a year, I wanted to make it easier for couples. When couples were visiting the shop or browsing online, many reported that they were overwhelmed. Thepackages help to focus couples on what’s most important to them.

Why is it better to work with your team than to DIY?

You know, I do work with a lot of DIYers, particularly brides. Many brides enjoy gathering their decor and just renting a few larger pieces from Lilac & Lace Co., while other brides rent everything [from us] for their wedding. I believe a key benefit of working with us is that using rentals is sustainable – and it makes your house less junky from collecting all your wedding decor for months and months. 

How do you work with the Robert Ryan team to pull everything together?

When the couple tells me that the venue is a Robert Ryan venue, I’m always happy! The Robert Ryan staff is always accommodating, allowing me just to pop in and check something out. The staff is super-helpful and always professional.


We know that planning an event during a pandemic has made life stressful, especially for those who have had to postpone the big day. We’re here for you to put your plans in motion in 2021 and beyond. We’re in this together! Schedule a consultation with one of our event managers when you’re ready to find your place or to reschedule your special event. 

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