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Selecting the perfect date for your wedding can be tricky, and in the end, there’s no right or wrong way to decide. It’s simply a matter of preference and what works for you and your partner. That said, it can help to learn how and why other couples picked their dates and hear about the benefits of their chosen season. We’re looking at fall in this post, but if that’s not your season, then learn why couples choose a summer wedding date. Later in the year, we’ll also look at the appeal of weddings in the winter and spring.

Lucy Spellacy, one of our clients getting married in October at Philander Chase Knox, says her decision was based on the date. “Our main reason was the timing,” said Lucy. “It worked out better for our immediate family to have the wedding in October rather than August, which is what we originally considered.”

She also mentioned that since so many people go on vacation during the summer, she and her partner thought October would allow more people to attend. She also added that the autumn leaves will also look beautiful in Valley Forge in the fall.

Sam Egger booked her October wedding at The Barn on Bridge for similar reasons. “I chose the fall because I love the crisp air, the colors of the trees and the leaves,” she said. “I also love pumpkins and hay and all those cute decorations that reflect the fall!”

More highlights of a fall wedding:

Endless Decor Ideas

Pumpkins, gourds, apples, wheat, hay bales, figs, crab apples, acorns and colorful fall leaves are just some of the possible decorative accents you can use. You can also decorate your cake in seasonal fruits instead of flowers.

Bold and Beautiful Colors

Fall has an amazing color palette to select from. Bold reds, oranges, yellows, browns and greens offer a different look from the traditional wedding colors.

Cozy Accessories

You can put out pashminas or blankets for guests to use. Shawls for the bride and bridal party can be an unusual and pretty element, too.

Fall Lighting

Something about fall lighting is so romantic! Think twinkling lights against a sunset or dusk.

Cooler Temperatures

Lower temps and humidity reduces the makeup melt and frizzy hair woes — definitely a bonus.

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