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From former model and actress to events professional — this has been the journey for Robert Ryan Catering & Design’s Natalie Wisler! She’s multi-talented, with an international flair from her extensive travels, and can multitask to make sure our events exceed your expectations. 

What is your job title? What do you do day-to-day?

I am a day-of coordinator, responsible for making sure each wedding runs perfectly from set up to the ceremony to the reception. It’s my job to ensure that the event goes as the couple envisions it! This year I also started in Event Support on the weekdays when there are no events happening. I help with creating floor plans, catering proposals and the many other details leading up to our events.

How long have you worked for Robert Ryan Catering & Design?

I started along with Jalissa Towles in June 2021. It was a very hectic time thanks to the pandemic, but we got right into it! It’s been an evolution as I’ve grown in my position along with the company.

What did you do before?

Before RRC&D I was acting and modeling locally and internationally — since age 15! I spent most of my time in Philadelphia, New York City and Tokyo. It’s very different from what I’m doing now, but I’ve always been a woman of many passions. The pandemic changed everyone’s lives and future plans — including mine. I could no longer travel, so I started to explore the idea of starting a new chapter in my life. I found RRC&D on Indeed; I always wanted to get into the event planning business and now that I’m here, I am happy that I did! Everything in life happens for a reason, and I’m glad that life pushed me in this direction. 


Photo courtesy of Natalie Wisler

How would you describe Robert Ryan Catering & Design to a potential client or employee?

I would describe us as a family where everyone truly cares about our clients. You can be sure you’ll be taken care of, starting with the owner, to the event managers and the day-of coordinators — every person you work with for your event!

Where did you grow up? What did you want to be when you were growing up?

I grew up in Delaware. When I was younger, I had an absurd number of things I wanted to be: a veterinarian, model, actress, food critic, interior designer … the list goes on! One thing remains the same: I will always have many interests and ambitions.

Photo courtesy of Natalie Wisler

What do you love most about your job?

I love being part of one of the most important days of a couple’s life and making it beautiful for them. Seeing other people happy is what makes me happy. I also love the creative aspect of seeing the decor and new ways to alter each space.

Photo courtesy of Natalie Wisler

Tell us something about yourself that no one would know just by looking at you.

I am a huge foodie. I will drive, fly and swim across oceans to get a good meal. My trips always revolve around finding the best vegan food spot.

What do you do for fun outside of work?

It depends on the season. In the winter you can find me hiding in my bed from the cold — or skiing. I love skiing with my family; we’ve gone almost every year since I was a kid. In the warmer months, I enjoy exploring new places, eating out with friends, writing poetry, going on long drives with the music blasting or making my friends and family go mini golfing with me because unlike them, I never get tired of it. I often travel with my family, and we’ve gone to many different places, from skiing in Canada, New Hampshire, Vermont and the Poconos, to more summery places like Ocean City, New Jersey, Florida (Disney World!) and St. John Virgin Islands. One of my favorites was going to Vik, Iceland, with my mom and my aunt.

Photo courtesy of Natalie Wisler

What would be your desert island last meal?

This is a tough one. I had an amazing sushi meal from Soto Sushi in Austin, Texas. It was an omakase, which is a 15-course meal of various creative vegan sushi items that the chef selects for you. I forever dream of eating it again!

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