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Let’s face it: Planning a wedding — or any big event — is a lot of work, from choosing a date to picking out a color scheme. There are hundreds of decisions, large and small, that many people won’t even think about until they come up as you start getting down to business.

Having an expert on your team — not to mention a venue that can take some of the work off your plate — just makes sense. Some wedding and event venues, such as Robert Ryan Catering & Design, are aiming to be a one-stop shop for clients, handling the ceremony, reception, catering and beverage services, plus having multiple amenities available so the whole process is streamlined, and dare we say, even fun! Here are some of the options anyone planning a wedding or other event should look for when selecting a venue for their special day.

Seasoned Event Planners

An in-house event planner to help you plan is a big plus. This person already knows all the ins and outs of their venue and how to make an event there run smoothly. Your event planner will be able to tell you what has worked in the past and, just as importantly, what hasn’t. She or he will also be able to tell you what kind of lighting works for the space and offer suggestions on decor that have been a hit in the past.

Strong Relationships

A venue that has strong relationships with local vendors, such as florists, photographers, DJs, hair and makeup experts and musicians, can only make your event better. When companies have worked well together in the past and are familiar with each other, it translates into a smoother event.


It’s always worth asking if the venue offers discounts for multiple events. For example, if you have your bridal shower and/or rehearsal dinner at the same location, you may be able to save significantly more money than if you used multiple sites. A good venue will also be able to make each of these events feel quite differently, too.

Happy to Customize

Of course, everyone wants their own wedding or event to be unique, and a good venue will be able to help you customize to your heart’s desire, from creating anything from make-your-own party favor stations to organizing a themed wedding that matches your vision.

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