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We’re in the mood to look to 2021 — better days ahead! We don’t know exactly what will happen with event size and location restrictions, but we do know how to make the most of any sized affair. We keep an eye on trends, and we’re adept at incorporating them to create your dream event. Take a peek into the future and see what our event planners predict to be the hottest trends in 2021.

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The Setting

No surprise that outdoor events are number one. At this writing, vaccines for the novel coronavirus are in final testing — there is hope. And hope is everything. Outdoor events will continue to be huge in 2021, as they’ll remain safer than indoor events. Plus,planning for outdoors reduces the chances of a



Outdoor ballrooms! If you think a tent isn’t your style, we humbly suggest you rethink your position on that one. A tent is like a blank canvas, so the options are endless. Tents can transform to meet any style: elegant, rustic, natural, modern — what’s your dream?

With CDC, state and local restrictions changing frequently, you’ll see an increase in micro-weddings orminimonies. Couple your event size with travel concerns, and sometimes we must think outside the box, as fewer guests are prudent. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have all the trimmings; it just means managing expectations.  As restrictions change, hybrid events will increase to accommodate. Be prepared to star in your own, live-streamed event! Weekday weddings will be on the rise in 2021, in part because people want to get married in their desired month but 2020 postponements have filled prime weekends. News flash: The food, photos and service are still great on weekdays! Other pros include a price reduction, access to top vendors (which may also charge less on a weekday) and good attendance since your family and friends will come out for a weekday wedding as many people continue to work from home and have more flexible schedules. Wondering what day to choose? Wednesday is considered the luckiest day of the week, but Monday also works great if you have guests traveling in for the big day.

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The Aesthetics

When considering your tent’s blank canvas, consider that vintage is the look for 2021. Think anything mismatched, living room-style furniture, vintage place setting and bold colors (hello, 1990s!).Trends:  The more colors, the better, including mismatched and bold accents.Think cozy living room furnishings with pillows galore, end tables and bright florals to take it up a notch. Anything goes with lighting, and a mix of styles melds with the vintage and mismatched trends: string lights, elegant chandeliers, hanging lanterns, paper lanterns and geometric patterns. As with colors, more is better when it comes to lighting. Speaking of things hanging, in addition to lighting you can expect to see hanging plants, hanging flowers, fabrics, beads and more. 

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The Attire

Although brides will still predominantly be in white or shades of white, bridal party dresses and tuxes will reflect 2021’s aesthetics.Trend: In a word: colors! You might consider matching the decor’s theme, or running with mismatched, by tying in one unifying, bold color and then getting creative.

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The Cuisine

Given what we said in the intro, safety will still be top-of-mind — as will be delicious cuisine. Trend: Individual servings keep your favorite foods safe, and they will look amazing served in containers that match the decor. You’ll see individual charcuterie platters, a sample of hors d’oeuvres on a single plate, more creative and edible items, such as cones and spoons, and, of course, mini-desserts.We’re here for you to put your plans in motion. We’re in this together! Schedule a consultation with one of our event managers when you’re ready. It’s never too early to reach out for a complimentary consult!



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