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Maybe you’re already looking at a weekday wedding — on a Monday or Tuesday —  as a strategy to save money. But, have you considered a Thursday?

Thursdays are an insider’s “secret” for getting married in the month that you want at your dream venue and with all your preferred vendors, but without the higher minimums and price tag. Bonus: Most vendors offer weekday specials! With travel typically less expensive during the week, you’ll also be saving your out-of-town guests some money, too. Last, but certainly not least, you can use the weekend after your wedding to spend more time with family and friends.

Imagine it: It’s the same look, feel and experience; it just costs less. There are so many ways to get the most from your wedding venue.


We went to the experts and got the full story from Rachel and Ryan Oatman, who recently got married on a Thursday at The Washington at Historic Yellow Springs. Perhaps a Thursday is right for you!

Why a Thursday? 

Both of us are in the restaurant industry, so we felt having our wedding on a non-traditional day made the most sense. We wanted to ensure that our friends who also are in the industry would be a part of our special day. 

Was it easier to get your top picks for vendors? 

It was definitely a lot easier finding vendors! We were already on a time constraint since we decided to plan our wedding in about 6 months, but having our big day on a Thursday made it so much easier to a photographer, florist, etc. Most of the vendors we worked with were also excited to participate in a Thursday wedding, as well!

Where did you save the most money?

We got a great break from the venue since they traditionally don’t host Thursday weddings.


Do you feel like your wedding was just as lovely on a Thursday as it would have been on a Saturday? 

Absolutely! We actually lucked out with perfect weather, too. The weekend that followed there was a hurricane, and it rained the entire time. But our Thursday wedding was great weather, and exactly what we had envisioned.

Is there any advice you would like to give couples planning a weekday wedding?

Just do it! Who cares what day you get married on? Our family and friends still came out to help us celebrate our love, and that’s all that matters. 

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