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Love often finds its way in the most unexpected places. For Elena and Syd, college frisbee brought their paths together. Little did they know that their connection would extend far beyond the frisbee field. We caught up with them to learn all about their love story.

How did you meet? 

We met at West Chester University on our college women’s ultimate frisbee team in the fall of 2018. Syd was a Junior and I was a freshman. At first Syd intimidated me. She is  really good at frisbee and passionate about succeeding.  I had no idea how to play and was simply there to make friends. Syd thought I was just a cute and sweet girl that she wouldn’t possibly end up dating. After getting to know her, I discovered that Syd is actually a huge softie despite how tough she is. We began dating a couple of months after meeting for the first time.


What things do you have in common (or, not!) that make it a fun, good fit?

We share plenty of interests and responsibilities, but we also make up for what the other lacks. If it weren’t for Syd’s phenomenal cooking skills we would probably be eating a lot more takeout. Without my ability to remember everything, we would never make it to appointments or get-togethers. We both love to keep a very clean house and we enjoy many of the same activities. We love cuddling with our dog Brody, taking him on hikes, weight training, going out to eat, and spending time with our friends. Syd still enjoys playing ultimate frisbee and I love to cheer her on when she does.

When did you know this was serious?

We knew things were serious pretty early on. I remember worrying about what would happen when Syd graduated and I still had two years of school left. I worried that we would be in different phases of life. However, after about a year of dating we knew we were in it for the long haul and that we were both committed and willing to do whatever we needed to make things work. In 5 and a half years we have grown into an even better match than when we first met.


Tell us about your engagement story!

Syd proposed to me in Dewey Beach, Delaware (our favorite place)! Virtually no aspect of it was a surprise. She can’t keep a secret to save her life and I am guilty of asking too many questions. She proposed with a beautiful speech on the bay at sunset. Many tears were shed before family and friends joined us for photos and a fun night out at the local bars. It was all absolutely perfect. A few days later I proposed to Syd at home while we enjoyed a spontaneous post dinner drink on our deck with Brody (our beloved chihuahua).

When’s the wedding day? 

September 20th, 2024. We chose September because we both love summer and thought getting married would be the best possible way to wrap up the season!

Why did you choose Robert Ryan Catering & Design? 

We chose Robert and Ryan Catering and Philander Chase Knox Estate because we were blown away by the staff, food choices, and beauty of the venue itself. We were most impressed by Amanda F. She was incredibly thoughtful, knowledgeable, and creative right off the bat. We knew right away that having her as our event manager would add so much ease to the wedding planning process. It is so great to work with someone who truly feels like a friend when you are planning such a meaningful day. When we went to the open house last spring and tried so many yummy dishes, we knew we made the best choice! Also, the Robert Ryan catering staff made us feel so respected as a queer couple and that definitely played a role in us choosing them!


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Nina Malone

Featured photo by Douglas James Studios