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Reveling in their big wedding with formal attire, a bridal party, and family and friends — lots of family and friends! — was a long time coming for Donita and Leigh Brady. Pandemic-related delays resulted in a minimony in July 25, 2020. That joy was followed by the birth of their son, Barnett Ronnan Brady, in 2021! Then, finally, all the stars aligned for the big celebration on April 30, 2022.

Read on for a heart-full-of-joy good news story. Because love always wins.


How was it planning the “full” wedding that took place in April 2022? 

Planning again was actually pretty simple for the most part. Since our original date was so close when the pandemic began, everything was already ready to go. We only needed new hair and makeup people, flowers and lighting for the venue. Other than that, we were good to go!


How was The High Point? Was it everything you’d envisioned for the original date before the pandemic hit?

The High Point was actually nothing we had originally envisioned, because we were supposed to get married at a completely different venue! However, The High Point was above and beyond our expectations. The venue was stunning, the outdoor space was beautiful, and we had the most amazing weather!


How did the whole vibe feel versus the minimony?

The whole day just felt like a big party. Everyone was so happy to be together and to celebrate. The vibe was definitely a party atmosphere, and everyone had a blast on the dance floor!


Was there a sense of relief or closure since you had to reschedule, and reschedule again, due to the pandemic?

We definitely had some anxiety leading up to the day, praying that no one got COVID. Once the day arrived, there was absolutely a sense of relief that it was finally here and that we could watch all of our plans become reality.


How many people were you able to invite this time?

We ended up inviting around 180 people, and we had roughly 125 attend. The venue at that point didn’t have any restrictions. This was so different from the minimony; so exciting.


How was working with your event planner to make this wedding and reception happen?

Our event planner was Leigh McIntyre, and she was fantastic! She always responded quickly and made sure we always knew what to expect. She was flexible with us when needed, and offered us so much support during the time we worked together.


How was the menu?

Everyone raved about the food! Donita’s mom even said that every time she turned around, the hors d’oeuvres just kept coming. Some of the favorites were the bacon-wrapped scallops, mini beef wellingtons, and crab salad on a cracker spoon. We had the filet mignon and the crab cakes, and they were absolutely delicious!


Any sage words for anyone else still finalizing their wedding post-pandemic?

The only advice we have is to make the day exactly what you want it to be. Don’t let anyone else influence your decisions unless you ask for it. The day is about you and your partner, and it should express who you are and the type of celebration you’ve dreamed about. Don’t let anyone steal your joy planning it that way!


Anything else that I didn’t ask that you’d like to say?

We really want to thank all of our friends and family for their support during our ever-changing wedding plans, and for making it the best celebration ever! We also want to thank Robert Ryan Catering & Design for being flexible with us over those two years, and always making us comfortable knowing that this day would finally happen.

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All photos by Karen Ann Photography