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What’s a wedding without a funny story or two? Natalie and Alastair Borillo have a doozy, but you’ll have to read on to find out, as they tell us more below. The best part? Everyone had a good laugh (and a few drinks!) and everything turned out perfectly in the end.


Tell us a bit about the big day!

We decided we’d both get ready separately with our bridal parties at the hotel. Funny thing about getting ready at the same place where your guests are staying is that you have a good chance of running into people! Natalie and her bridesmaids were on the elevator in their dresses when the elevator stopped; the door opened, and there stood Natalie’s soon-to-be mother-in-law! Natalie ducked behind the bridesmaids so Alastair’s mom wouldn’t see her. 

Our day-of coordinator Angela Ridolfi was AMAZING. She made sure that we didn’t see each other before the first look. The photographer did the first look in a field across the street from the venue — it was a special moment, and we’re so glad we did it. After our pictures were done then the bridal parties joined us. It was so nice having the little guest house to hang out in after pictures. 



Were there any funny or unexpected stories during the day?

Yes! We were all waiting in the guest house to get lined up and get the ceremony started when one of the bridesmaids got a text from her boyfriend that they got on the wrong shuttle. Apparently there was another wedding party staying at the same hotel … and the bride’s name was also Natalie! There was only one shuttle out front and Natalie’s dad led the group onto the bus after he confirmed that “this is for Natalie’s wedding right?” Roughly half of our guests were on that shuttle … for the other Natalie’s wedding. My dad realized they were at the wrong venue when they showed up at a golf course. Just as this was happening, we got a call from our shuttle driver wonder where everyone was. The “wrong” shuttle took our guests back to the hotel and Natalie’s dad treated everyone to a few rounds of drinks while they waited for the correct shuttle to arrive. In the end, everyone made it to the wedding on time, and Natalie’s dad walked her down the aisle — everything worked out fine. 



How was Barn on Bridge? Was it everything you’d envisioned?

Oh my gosh, yes for sure! We were really nervous because there were so many things to come together with all the moving pieces — flowers, seating, etc. — but Angela made sure it was all perfect in that beautiful venue.



How about your event planner leading up to the event?

Amanda Frangoulis was amazing! She made the process so easy and virtually stress-free. We had some last-minute concerns the month before the wedding with guests’ allergies and adding things to the menu, but she took care of it.

Our day-of coordinator Angela really made the day so perfect. We thought that we might have to organize where people needed to go on the day-of, where the flowers go, etc. — but she handled all of it. Our favorite thing that she said to us was, “You don’t have to find me, I’ll find you.” We didn’t have to worry about anything on the day-of. She coordinated with our videographer, photographer, florist and DJ. 

How was the menu? 

The food was so good — everyone loved the fry board. We’ve gotten nothing but compliments about the food! We appreciated how great Robert Ryan Catering & Design was about people’s allergies and food restrictions. 



Given that we’re in the endemic stage of the pandemic, were you able to invite everyone that you wanted?

Yes, we were definitely able to invite everyone! We wanted to keep it a little smaller and more intimate, so we invited our closest family and friends. That way we could go around and talk to everyone throughout the night while still enjoying ourselves. 

Any sage words for anyone else still finalizing their wedding “post”-pandemic?

Try and enjoy the process, and know that Robert Ryan’s event planners and day-of coordinators will take care of the rest. Also, don’t be afraid to ask to modify anything and everything. They can pretty much make whatever your dream is come true. And, make sure that you double-check your invitations and put an RSVP-by date on them … very silly, but we forgot to do that. In the end, it will all work out!


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Nina Malone

All photos by Melissa Vergo Photography