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We firmly believe that all weddings are precious, joyous stories, yet in this case, this wedding really was a triumph over the issues and delays caused by the lingering pandemic. With one family and many friends “across the pond,” plus lingering stressors about whether potential pandemic restrictions would impact things on this side of the Atlantic, July 3, 2021, became a miracle wedding day.

We checked in with the new parents (yes, more happy news!) Rachel and Bob Patterson to reminisce about their special day.

The most important question: Were you able to have family and friends from the United Kingdom at the wedding? 

Rachel was able to have her “mum,” dad and sister … but, it was not easy. We had to fly them from the U.K. to Barbados first to quarantine for 15 days so that they could enter the United States. It worked out as a nice vacation for the family, but it was an unexpected expense and stressor for Rachel and Bob.

How about friends who couldn’t travel to America?

There was a live stream of the ceremony for friends and other family members who couldn’t make it.

How did it feel to finally see Rachel’s family?

It was great; it had been 18 months since Rachel had seen any of them. It was very emotional and also nerve-wracking. We weren’t sure until they were standing there that they’d be allowed into the country; we were worried, for many reasons, that one of them would test positive for COVID-19. At that point, it felt like it was one day at a time. Then, it was so wonderful when they arrived!

Did the weather cooperate with your outdoor wedding?

We were married in a church, and then the reception was outside. The day was great up until the exact minute Rachel arrived at the church — then the heavens opened and it rained so much! It made for some great photos but Rachel got very soggy. Luckily, the event was tented, and the rain mostly held off for the rest of the day. Nothing like bringing the great British weather to an American wedding!

How did you feel after the event?

Elated, happy and in love. There was also an overwhelming sense of calm and peace after such a long, stressful period of planning it through the pandemic.

How did the events team make your event special?

The Robert Ryan Catering & Design team helped us so much by being super-organized and helpful. No task was too big for them, and we barely even noticed the team on the day, which is a huge sign of how well they did their job! They were friendly and kind — and the food was delicious.

What advice do you have for couples who were — or, are — on the “reschedule treadmill”? 

Stay patient, your day will come and when it does, it will be incredible.

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All photos by Cheyanna De Nicola Photography