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The flower girl is a key participant in many traditional wedding ceremonies. Typically, she is a young girl, often a family member or close friend of the bride or groom, who walks down the aisle scattering flower petals before the bride’s entrance. The flower girl’s role is largely symbolic, representing the innocence and purity of the bride and the hope and fertility of the couple’s future. In some cultures, the flower girl may also carry a basket of flowers or other decorative item, or walk alongside the ring bearer, who carries the wedding rings. While the role of the flower girl is not strictly necessary for a wedding ceremony, many couples choose to include this charming tradition as a way to add a touch of sweetness and whimsy to their special day. Here are eight ideas for unique and memorable alternatives to the traditional flower girl that you might want to consider for your own special day.


Magic Flower Wands

Make the day extra exciting for your flower girl and indulge in her fairytale dreams by giving her a magic flower wand to prance down the aisle with.



Ask your flower girl to blow bubbles as she walks down the aisle to create a whimsical scene.



If you’re having an outdoor ceremony, having your flower girl hold a pinwheel as she walks down the aisle is simple and adorable.



Giving your flower girl balloons to carry down the aisle is a great way to make the moment fun for her and a perfect photo opportunity for your guests.



On a sunny day there is nothing better than having a bit of shade. Especially for your sweet flower girl. Give her a parasol to walk with to create a beautiful and unique moment.


Hand out Flowers

Throwing petals on the ground isn’t nearly as fun as giving out flowers for people to keep! Ask your flower girl to carry a basket full of flowers to hand out to your guests as she walks down the aisle.


Match the Theme

Get creative and have your flower girl carry something that matches your wedding theme. If you’re having a winter wedding, she could carry some pinecones.


Signs or Banners

A cute way to have your flower girl walk down the aisle is to give them a sign or banner to carry! It could say “here comes the bride,” or something unique to your relationship.


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-Natalie Wisler & Michelle Durinzi

Featured photo: Ashley Gerrity Photography 

Post photos provided by Natalie Wisler