13 Dec You’re Engaged—What’s Next? We’ve Got You Covered!

You said yes—congratulations! Since that magical moment, you’ve announced your engagement to your friends and family (and probably a few strangers, too), changed your Facebook status and got a manicure. Now what? Relax, enjoy this time with your fiance and follow these helpful tips for next steps after your engagement.

Enjoy Being Newly Engaged

Immediately after the proposal, you are giddy with excitement. All you want to do is start planning the day you have always dreamed about. But you should take a little time to enjoy the romance of being a newly engaged couple. In most cases, you can afford to wait before you jump right into party-planning mode.


When you are recently engaged, your head is probably spinning with ideas. You want to ensure that you are thinking clearly when making wedding decisions. Also, planning your wedding day takes up so much time during your engagement.

Don’t worry, we have many ideas for planning your wedding to help you along the way, including How to Book Your Wedding DateSpring Wedding Planning TipsSummer Wedding Planning TipsWedding Traditions DebunkedHow to Plan a Wedding in Six Months or LessAutumn Wedding Planning Tips and many other useful planning ideas in our blog.

Ideas and Inspiration

Whom are we kidding? You will probably be thinking “wedding” all day, every day. Feed the need with ideas and inspiration for a little while first. A great first stop is Pinterest.

Think of a few themes or styles you love. Talk to friends and family who have recently gotten married and ask them for ideas. Think about weddings you have attended. What did you like and what would you have changed?


Other questions to start to consider include what time of year you want to get married, how many people you want to invite and what is your budget. When you and your fiance feel like your heads are in the right place to make decisions you can live with, the best place to start is looking for a venue.

Communication Is Key

You are both going through an incredible life-changing experience, so it is completely normal to feel uneasy or stressed. Talk about it. Disagreeing on some wedding details is totally normal. Remember that it’s your love for each other that got you to this point, so talk it out and you will find that happy medium.

There is so much more involved in planning a wedding than you could imagine. Don’t replace the romance with stress. Set aside “planning time” and “date time” and don’t talk wedding on date time.


Insure the Ring

Unexpected things happen. Stones fall out, rings fall down the drain or slip off as you remove a glove. Make sure that your ring is properly sized to help alleviate some of these potential losses and then shop for insurance.

Most homeowners and renters insurance companies will cover it, but checking around with other companies won’t hurt. Some companies specialize in jewelry insurance, so see what they have to offer as well.

Great questions to ask when you are shopping for insurance include:

  • What is and isn’t covered in the policy and in the deductible?
  • Who can repair the ring?
  • If the ring goes missing, does the policy replace the ring or offer a cash payout?
  • Can I choose where I can purchase the replacement?
  • How do I claim a missing ring?

To ensure that you are completely covered for the true value of your ring, get it appraised. If your ring is lost or stolen, you want to be sure that you have proof of its worth.


Advice from the Pros

Many of our event planners have recently gotten married, so they have been there, done that, and are happy to pass on to newly engaged couples their experiences. Read on for their top tips:

Madison Tupper

Staffing Coordinator/Office Manager/Off-Premise Event Manager

Wedding Date April 1,  2017

Catered by Robert Ryan Catering & Design

Make a timeline and checklist for yourself, and stick to it! With a long engagement, it is easy to put things off because you think you have all of this time to get things done. Work, school and life get in the way and wedding planning can easily be put on the back burner if you don’t stick to your timeline and checklist to keep you on track.

If you wait until the last minute, you may feel overwhelmed with planning and details. If a long checklist is too much for you, create a short list of action items to complete within a one- to two-week timeframe. Tackle a few things and then move on. You will feel accomplished and it will help you stay organized, stress-free and well prepared in the months leading up to the big day. Don’t be afraid to lean on your maid/matron of honor and bridesmaids for support and guidance.


Amanda Smith 

Event Manager at Columbia Station

Married November 2012

Catered by Robert Ryan Catering & Design

Don’t let everyone else’s opinions take over. There is no right and wrong anymore in wedding planning. Follow through with your vision and don’t worry about pleasing everyone.

Aris Lambrecht

Office Manager and Sales Support at Barn on Bridge 

Married at Barn on Bridge in January 2016

I know during the wedding planning process, things can get hectic with everyone’s opinion and thoughts being thrown at you. Just remember to be true to yourselves and everything will fall into place. Even if you do not have everyone on board, whether it be a church wedding, a quick personalized ceremony, a formal dinner or a cocktail-style reception—it is a celebration about the two of you. Also, compromise is key. Do not try to change the person you fell in love with.


Some Final Words

One more tip is to remember that time flies. Take a few deep breaths, soak it all in and enjoy this time. It may be some of the happiest and most joyful days of your life.

Another word of advice is don’t do it for the instant—give yourself time to savor the moment. I remember being so excited to text or call my family after we got engaged and I’m glad I was able to share the exciting news. But sometimes I wish I had kept it “hush hush” and told people a few days later or in person because my phone constantly went off with congratulations!

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Ronna Dewey

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