06 Sep Top Honeymoon Locations You Must Hit

You’ve put months—or even years—into planning your perfect wedding day. Now that the rings have been exchanged, the “I dos” have been said and you’ve celebrated with all of your family and friends, it’s time to think about your happily ever after. Many couples start their new married life with a honeymoon.

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Emily & Josh—Portugal

At Robert Ryan Catering & Design, we feel that our clients are part of our family and our relationship doesn’t end simply because your event is over. We love to stay in touch, so we reached out to some of our newly married couples to hear all about their honeymoon trips—where they traveled, how they planned it, what they enjoyed and so much more.

Meet Our Couples

Kathleen and Dave

Married on July 24, 2016, at Philander Chase Knox Estate

Emily and Josh

Married on June 11, 2016, at Appleford Estate

Courtney and Daniel

Married on April 2, 2016, at Columbia Station

Megan and Greg

Married on July 30, 2016, at Barn on Bridge

Corinne and Evan

Married on July 3, 2016, at Columbia Station

Where Did You Go on Your Honeymoon?

RR Kathleen and Dave

Kathleen & Dave—Ireland

“We went to Ireland. We spent 12 days traveling up the west coast of the country before driving across the country to Dublin.” —Kathleen

“We spent two weeks traveling around Portugal.” —Emily

“We went to Aruba.” —Courtney

“We went to northern California (San Francisco and Sonoma) for a few days and then flew to Oahu, Hawaii.” —Megan

“We went to Greece.” —Corinne

Why Did You Choose That Location?

“We chose Ireland for our honeymoon because we were looking for something unique that would really be an adventure. Traveling to Ireland was a lifelong dream for both my husband and me.” —Kathleen

RR Emily and Josh

Emily & Josh—Portugal

“We don’t really like to sit still on vacation, so we knew an all-inclusive resort honeymoon was not for us. We have both traveled extensively abroad and wanted to find a place that neither of us had been to before, so we basically just asked everyone we knew where their favorite places were and Portugal kept popping up. After a few Google image searches we were sold (seriously, try it!).” —Emily

“We got married in April so the weather down there was great—light rain season and not unbearably hot. We wanted to go to the Caribbean and we had heard how amazing the island of Aruba was.” —Courtney

RR Megan and Greg

Megan & Greg—California & Hawaii

“We planned to go to Hawaii first, and the Marriott timeshare wasn’t available until the Friday after we were married. So we wanted to go somewhere else in between the wedding and Hawaii. We thought California would be great because it would ease us into the time difference better (3 hours behind PA, and then another 3 hours behind when we got to Hawaii). We also wanted to go to Sonoma since we love wine!” —Megan

“My husband wanted to go to Europe and I wanted to be on a beach, so we decided on a beach in Europe!” —Corinne

Did You Use a Travel Agent or Book It Yourself?

“We booked the trip ourselves, using Trip Advisor, guide books and family recommendations.” —Kathleen

“Originally we looked into using a travel agent, but ended up just booking everything on our own. Friends of ours went to Portugal on their honeymoon last year, so they were a big help with recommendations.” —Emily

Courtney & Daniel—Aruba

“We booked it ourselves, which ended up being cheaper than going through an agent. We looked at both options.” —Courtney

“We booked it ourselves. We used Greg’s mom’s Marriott timeshare for Hawaii (Marriott in Ko Olina) and just did some research on the best place to stay in Sonoma. We stayed in Healdsburg, right in the heart of Sonoma wine country (Best Western Dry Creek Inn).” —Megan

RR Corinne and Evan

Corinne & Evan—Greece

“We booked with a travel agent who had been there multiple times and plans honeymoons there often. She made a perfect trip for us, including Athens, Santorini and Mykonos.” —Corinne

What Types of Activities Did You Do on Your Honeymoon?

“We rented a car and drove everywhere we went, which was great and allowed us so much flexibility! We did a lot of walking, but every walk was worth the amazing view. We biked around the Island, visited castle ruins and spent several hours on a beautiful white sand beach! We visited the cities of Galway and Dublin, where we were able to attend the Galway Races and see Riverdance, and of course we spent a lot of time in pubs with traditional Irish music and Guinness!” —Kathleen

RR Emily Josh 2

Emily & Josh—Portugal

“We flew into Lisbon and rented a car to drive down to the Algarve, which is an area along the Southern coast of Portugal with dramatic cliffs and beautiful beaches. We stayed in Lagos and traveled to a few different towns nearby during the few days we were there. We did a lot of hiking to explore the cliffs and soaked up the sun on the beach. One highlight was watching the city explode with excited fans streaming by us during dinner at an outdoor restaurant when Portugal won the Euro Cup semi-final game.” —Emily

“We went snorkeling on a catamaran boat ride. We went on an all-day excursion that takes you to three sites, one of which is a sunken WWII ship! We went on an ATV ride around half the island, and we joined an off-road vehicle group tour that took us around half of the island. Among other stops, they took us to an ostrich farm and Baby Beach!” —Courtney

RR megan and greg 2

Megan & Greg—California & Hawaii

“In California, we did typical touristy things in San Francisco—Fisherman’s Wharf, the Full House house (it does not look the same as on the show!) and went to the top of Twin Peaks for a really nice view of the city! After driving up the coast, we spent one day in Sonoma doing wine tastings at six different wineries. In Hawaii, we did snorkeling at Hanamua Bay and Shark’s Cove. We also did the hike at Diamond Head and the Makapu’u lighthouse hike. We also got a couple’s massage, which was WONDERFUL!” —Megan

“Our travel agent made a perfect trip for us, including Athens, Santorini and Mykonos. We did touristy sightseeing in Athens, adventure trips in Santorini and just relaxed in Mykonos.” —Corinne

Would You Recommend Your Honeymoon Locale? Any Suggestions to Couples Looking to Honeymoon at Your Destination?

RR Kathleen Dave 2

Kathleen & Dave—Ireland

“I would definitely suggest renting a car! The driving really isn’t too bad once you get the hang of it, and it allows so much more flexibility than a guided tour or public transportation. I would also recommend staying in bed and breakfasts or guesthouses instead of hotels. They are much more economical, offer a full breakfast and allow you to experience Irish hospitality firsthand. I would suggest spending a least a couple nights in each village/town/city so that you have some down time and don’t feel like you are constantly on the move.” —Kathleen

“We would highly recommend Portugal to everyone! We wanted to find a place that had a good mix of beaches, history, fun activities and beautiful scenery, and Portugal definitely fulfilled all of that and more. Traveling around to several places may not be for everyone, but Portugal is roughly the size of Maine, so it was easy to get around and really get a good feel for the country as a whole. All of the places we visited were so beautiful and unique in their own way, and also so drastically different from the others. We’re really glad we were able to move around a bit on the trip and that we spaced it out enough that we never felt rushed.” —Emily

Courtney & Daniel—Aruba

“Don’t stay at an all-inclusive! Wear sunscreen and don’t be scared of wild iguanas roaming the island. The food on the island is amazing everywhere, but we highly recommend Madame Jeannette’s for dinner one night. Everything on the island is imported, so be ready to spend lots of money.” —Courtney

“Where we stayed in Ko Olina is about 45 minutes to an hour away from everything, so if you want to explore the island, be prepared to drive (and sit in traffic). Also be aware of your belongings while in the ocean as theft is common in Oahu. Make sure to plan your activities in advance before you get there. Make time for days to just relax and spend time with your new spouse!! And enjoy every moment. From the moment you arrive at the airport, the honeymoon has begun. It is the beginning of a new chapter in life and such an exciting time!” —Megan

RR corinne evan 2

Corinne & Evan—Greece

“I would definitely recommend Greece as a honeymoon spot. The sunsets over the Mediterranean Sea are gorgeous. There is lots of cool stuff to do that fits an array of personalities and travel styles.” —Corinne

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