07 Feb The Fairy Tale Begins: An Engagement Story

Sometimes a story is so unbelievable that it couldn’t possibly be made up. Such is the tale of Taryn Pattison and Dave Luskin, engaged to be married on March 31, 2017.

The pair met as kids, when Taryn’s older brother and Dave were on a football team together and his sister and Taryn were cheerleaders. To Dave, Taryn was just “Danny’s little sister.”

When Dave was 12, his family moved away and all the kids lost touch with one another.

For decades.

Taryn got married and had three kids. Dave got married and had three kids. And then once again, football came into their lives. Three of their boys joined a Pop Warner team and Dave was a coach. The two casually talked at games, but that was it. Then there was a gap of a year when Dave’s son didn’t play. When he returned a season later, both Taryn and Dave had gotten divorced, unbeknownst to each other.

Two weeks after the beginning of the season, they went on a date and that was that.

The Proposal

In pretty short order, the two families were living together, with six kids ranging in age from 5 to 11. The couple knew they wanted to get married, but didn’t make any firm plans.

Or at least, that’s what Taryn thought.

Dave had decided to plan the entire wedding in secret last summer and wait until Christmas, when the family would be in Disney World, to propose.

“In July, I picked the venue, the church, the photographer and the DJ,” said Dave. “My mom, dad, brother and sister and her father, who I asked in the old-fashioned way for her hand, all knew.”

Taryn came home one day and told Dave out of the blue that she thought that when they got married “someday,” she’d like to have the reception at a place like Barn on Bridge.

Little did she know, Dave had already booked it!

Dave decided that he couldn’t wait until Christmas to propose. He enlisted the kids in August to help with the proposal. The kids made signs and he tried to get Taryn to sit down long enough for the big ask and then the big reveal.

When Dave told her that everything was booked, and at the place she wanted, she asked, “It’s done?”

Both of their parents and extended families were outside the house, waiting for the news, though no one was surprised at the answer.

Next Steps

The only thing for Taryn to do was to buy a wedding dress, which she found after trying on just five!

The couple have been working on final details with event planner Amanda Smith and anticipate hosting about 200 guests at Barn on Bridge, which happens to be one of Robert Ryan’s three exclusive wedding venue options.

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Kim MacKinnon

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