15 Aug RR Blog: Tech It Up a Notch: Latest Trends to Make Your Event Memorable

Regular photo booths with silly props and unique social media hashtags tied to events are so commonplace these days, they hardly cause a ripple. We have some new ideas to tech up any event. You can wow your guests and create amazing memories with drones, virtual reality videos and other modern gadgets.

Selfie Mirror

If a regular photo booth seems tame, the selfie mirror might just be the ticket to next-level fun for your guests. The selfie mirror, as described by Philadelphia photo booth company Clique Cam, has a 60-inch touch screen that allows guests to take a photo of themselves and write notes, take videos and even use preset animations to craft fun messages. You can even custom order animations to be tied to your particular event.


For a bird’s-eye view of your event, a drone can’t be beat. The perspective you’ll get will be so different from any images or videos taken from the ground. Before you arrange to have one, though, make sure that they are allowed at the venue—some places prohibit their use—and also keep in mind that some drones are quite noisy. They might work for a reception, but not for a wedding ceremony. You’ll also want to hire someone to do this for you. You won’t want to take time from your party and neither will your guests.

Image Mapping

Certainly not that common right now, but something we think will be more popular as it catches on is a cool effect called image mapping. With the magic of creative projections, your venue can be turned into a colorful wonderland, from abstract designs to specific settings like the ocean or a forest. Some gorgeous examples can be seen on the Levy Lighting production company’s website.

Livestreaming and Virtual Reality

It’s always a drag when your guests just can’t make your event, but there are a couple of ways to include them in the fun. The first is to let them watch in real time by livestreaming the event. The second is by having someone do 360-degree video, so they can watch it later via a virtual reality headset. This also is great for you as the host, since you can check out your party from a different perspective.

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