06 Feb 5 Ways to Team Build for a Strong 2018

Team-building exercises can be a fun way for all sorts of groups — from Girl Scout troops to big corporations — to improve communication, lift morale, increase motivation and help people get to know one another better. While many people may think team-building outings have to be physical challenges, like climbing an obstacle course, competing in a relay race or some other feat of endurance, Robert Ryan Catering & Design thinks it can be just as fun to use food to unite.

Even when people seem to have little in common other than work, one thing that can always bring folks together is food. Everyone has a favorite food, a family food tradition and a food that brings back a happy memory; in other words, a food story. We’ve come up with five ways to build team spirit, as well as feed your mind and stomach. Teams can be divided into two or more, judges can be drawn from a hat (if there is to be judging), but in the end, everyone wins!

1. Cooking

In this exercise, we provide different food stations, which a chef oversees, and can feature anything from sushi to guacamole to caprese appetizers. Each team gets a lesson on how to create the dish featured at that station, then they have to try to recreate it.

2. Cocktails

Like the cooking option, two or more stations can be set up with bar ingredients and garnishes. Teams can try to design the best or most creative bloody mary or other drink, or come up with a tasty cocktail of their own. Bonus points for unique drink names!

3. Painting

Painting and wine classes are all the rage, but instead of a tree or a landscape, we think a food still life is ideal! Three stations — one with fruit, one with bread and cheese and one raw bar — would be set up and participants could choose which one to paint, and then later, everyone can eat as they check out each other’s paintings.

4. Building

Who doesn’t love a gingerbread house? And no one says they have to be just for the holidays! In this team-building exercise, groups can come up with their most creative structure using gingerbread or graham crackers, with icing, candy and other decorations. Conditions like height or amount of windows can make this challenge trickier.

5. Decorating

We supply the cupcakes, icing, food coloring and other tasty decorations, and teams decorate according to a surprise theme, such as sports, animals, landmarks and other oddball categories. When everyone is all done, the team that represented the theme best gets to choose which cupcakes to eat first.

Whatever tasty team-building exercise you choose, all of these encourage cooperation, creativity, and most importantly, they are fun!

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